Coronavirus Policy Updates

Cruiseco are closely monitoring global developments regarding COVID-19 and we are being proactive when it comes to advising our guests regarding the status of their bookings.  The following information and frequently asked questions will provide you with an overview of Cruiseco’s response plan to this unprecedented situation.

The latest government travel advice can be found here:

My Cruise has been cancelled, what happens now?

Cruiseco reservations team are processing cancellations as received by the cruise line as quickly as possible.  You will receive confirmation from your Cruiseco travel advisor via email along with any instructions from the cruise company as to how you can proceed with rebooking your cruise or in some cases cancel for a refund.

My cruise was cancelled but I haven’t received notification yet, what is happening?

With thousands of cancellations and impacted travellers, it is taking some time to work through all existing bookings.  Please bear with us as we work through the cancellation and rebooking options for all effected guests.  We appreciate your patience and ask that you wait to hear from us.

Payment is due on my booking, must I pay now or can I wait to see if my booking is going ahead?

Agreed payment terms for your holiday are in line with payment requirements we have with our suppliers.  It is in your best interest to make all payments on time as it will ensure your booking remains intact and you will be eligible for any policy the cruise line or supplier may release in relation to the cancellation of your booking including future cruise credits etc.

My cruise is not yet cancelled, can I cancel without penalty even though the cruise line currently advises the cruise is still going ahead?

We understand the uncertainty the current situation may make you weary of future travel plans.  Cruise lines are currently cancelling cruises in line with government travel bans and restrictions.  It is in your best interest to leave un-cancelled cruises in place until cancelled by the cruise line as you may have stricter cancellation penalties imposed on you if you cancel before the cruise itself is cancelled.  If you wait for the cruise line to cancel you will receive the benefit of all mandatory cancelled cruises including future cruise credits etc.

Are 2020 Choose Your Cruise music cruises still going ahead?

Yes at this stage music cruises departing in October and November 2020 are outside the travel ban period imposed by the government.  Ultimately the cancellation of the cruise will be up to Royal Caribbean, the operator of the vessel.  If a guest would like to cancel a music cruise at this time, it will be treated as a normal cancellation.  The situation is changing frequently, if there are any changes you will be notified, we kindly ask that you wait to hear from us.  

Choose Your Cruise Music Assurance Program – 2020 cruises:

Cruiseco and Choose your Cruise are pleased to announce our Music Assurance Program for our 2020 Music Cruises. Whilst little to no cancellations have been received, we wanted to ensure you have peace of mind regarding these sailings you have booked on.
This new policy provides you (our passengers) with the confidence to pay the balance of their 2020 Music Cruise and the opportunity to review their plans once full payment has been made.
Once full payments have been made the client has the option to review their travel plans between 90 and 60 days prior to departure and receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) valid on the soon to be released 2021 Music Cruises.
Between 59 days and 45 Days prior to departure 50% cancellation fee then applies.

Less the 45 days prior to departure 100% cancellation fee then applies.

If you have any questions we urge you as your primary course of contact to reach out to your Cruiseco travel agent representative you made your cruise booking through.

Contact us

Please contact your local Cruiseco agent regarding any questions you may have regarding your travel plans and current cancelled cruises.

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