“Compu-PU-pu-PU-pu-PU Computer Games”! If that chorus from the MI-SEX hit isn’t familiar to you then you didn’t live through the early 80’s. This international hit single preceded the glut of similar-sounding British chart entrants by a year or more and became one of the defining pop-rock songs of the Australasian music-scape. It ascended to #1 on the Australian charts during November ’79 and hit the top five in New Zealand. 

By April 1980 Computer Games had charted in more than 20 countries, and had peaked inside the top ten in Canada, France, Austria, Italy, West Germany and South Africa. It took lead singer, Steve Gilpin’s unfortunate death in 1992 to force MI-SEX underground for 20 years and the simple acceptance of an invitation by Steve Balbi to front MI-SEX at a private party and the Christchurch Quake Relief Concert to confirm the right chemistry that would once again ignite their passion for "live performance" and we couldn’t be happier.

The band is currently in the studio recording new music with the plan of an Album to be released June 2016. An EP “Extended Play” which includes the new single “Somebody” is the bands first single in 25 years which will be released February 2016. The EP will also include fresh recordings of past hits with the current line-up of Steve Balbi (Lead Vocals), Don Martin (Bass), Murray Burns (Keyboards), Paul Dunningham (Drums), Colin Bayley (Guitar), and Travis New (Guitar). 

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