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The Aqua Expeditions Experience

Aqua Expeditions is a recognised global leader in luxury small-ship expeditions exploring the most wildlife-and culture-rich destinations across South America and Asia. Aboard best-in-class vessels of stylish contemporary design, guests embark on tailored, all-inclusive itineraries with expert-guided adventure activities and excursions.

Guests can also expect gourmet cuisine crafted by renowned consulting chefs, generously-sized suites and refined “big ship” amenities such as plunge pools, spas, al fresco bars and fully-equipped gyms.

Aqua Expeditions Cruises are best for

Aqua Expeditions caters to modern-day adventure seeking active guests from nearly every continent, attracted by the uniquely experiential ‘eye-level cruising’ which connects guests to their surroundings both on board and on intimate, expert led excursions deep into every destination.

Aqua Expeditions targets high-end travelers looking for unique, in-depth experiences with adventure, cultural immersion, and close contact with nature, without sacrificing comfort.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

Aqua Blu

Unveiling a brand-new experience, Aqua Blu is the first-ever long-range explorer yacht with year-round departures permanently based in East Indonesia. Led by highly experienced crew and guides, guests embark on expeditions to explore the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats, with opportunities to hike an active volcano, see rare native bird species and immerse in centuries-old history and culture.

Aqua Nera

Setting a new standard for luxury river cruising on the Amazon, Aqua Nera draws design inspiration from the Peruvian Amazon’s mystical black water lagoons and bears the hallmarks of contemporary style and generous interiors that Aqua Expeditions small-ship expeditions are known for.

Expert naturalist guides conduct small group excursions that reward guests with up-close wildlife encounters in the world’s most biodiverse rainforest.

Aria Amazon

The Aria Amazon is custom-built to explore the Peruvian Amazon and the famed Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in absolute comfort and luxury – with minimal impact to the delicate Amazonian environment. Excursions are conducted by highly experienced crew and naturalist guides, assuring guests of highly rewarding wildlife encounters in the Amazon rainforest.

Aqua Mekong

Charting a luxurious passage on Asia’s Mekong River across Cambodia and Vietnam, the 205-foot Aqua Mekong showcases award-winning modern design with comprehensive amenities such as a spa, gym and river-facing plunge pool.

For off-shore excursions, Aqua Expeditions owns and operates Mekong’s only fleet of private tenders that bring guests on highly personalized day trips to landmarks, temples and villages where tradition, spirituality and craftsmanship reside.


Usually couples and singles however families are welcome for children 7 or older, thanks to Aqua Expedition’s interconnecting Suites.

At a glance

Ship size: Small
Class: Luxury Expedition


  • 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio guaranteeing a personalized luxury experience
  • Modern state-of-the-art ship designs
  • World-renowned chefs: Pedro Miguel Schiaffino overseeing the Amazonia culinary experience for Aqua Nera and Aria Amazon, Michelin-starred chef David Thompson as chef consultant for the Aqua Mekong, and renowned Australian Chef Benjamin Cross for the Aqua Blu
  • Small group, expert-led excursions by local naturalist guides on ergonomic private skiffs and yacht tenders
  • Unique activities including wildlife encounters, biking, kayaking, fishing, snorkeling and diving
  • Highest international classifications for safety and comfort

Food & Dining with Aqua Expeditions

A major part of the Aqua Expeditions luxury small-ship expeditions is the opportunity for guests to enjoy extraordinary world-class cuisine, artfully crafted from unique combinations and recipes using the finest of locally-sourced ingredients.

Aqua Expeditions Ships

Aqua Nera 
Built: 2020
Passengers: 40
Crew: 40
Aqua Blu
Built: 1968
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 30
Crew: 25
Aria Amazon
Built: 2010
Passengers: 32
Crew: 27
Aqua Mekong        
Built: 2014
Passengers: 40
Crew: 40

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