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The Blue Lagoon Cruise experience

The small size of Blue Lagoon Cruises cruise ship, Fiji Princess, allows easy access to bays and islands that would be impossible to reach in a larger ship. Un-pack once and let your floating hotel take you from idyllic place to idyllic experience – every day somewhere and something different. You’ll see traditional Fijian villages, swim in crystal clear lagoons and gaze out on idyllic tropical scenes. 

Blue Lagoon Cruises are best for

Adults and families who want to dress casually and enjoy an authentic Fijian experience and make the most of Fijian time. With one crew member to every two guests, service will be exceptional as Fijians are renowned for their exemplary hospitality.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

Relaxing and more relaxing is absolutely a part of what a Blue Lagoon Cruise is all about. But each and every day and evening there will also be an array of wonderful activities and unique experiences. The onboard atmosphere remains refreshingly informal.


Couples looking for a romantic holiday, weddings, families, solo travellers and small groups.

At a glance

Ship size: Small  
Class: Contemporary


MV Fiji Princess accommodating 68 guests is serviced by an all- Fijian crew. Visit remote island villages, discover the ancient Fijian culture, and enjoy an island feast whilst lapping up the beautiful South Pacific tropical paradise.

Food & Dining with Blue Lagoon Cruises

Dining is a true delight due to the skilled work from the chef, the variety of delicious dishes and the beautiful locations you dine in. Join the captain’s special a la carte dinner, on-board themed buffets or a romantic Fijian Lovo Feast served under the stars on a private beach.

Blue Lagoon Cruise Ship 

MV Fiji Princess
Built: 1997
Passengers: 68  
Crew: 26  

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