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The Costa Cruises Experience

For over 70 years, Costa Cruises has embodied the true Italian style and hospitality. There are an abundance of fun activities and events on board, such as Italian themed shows and activities, entertainment for adults and children, a floating spa, excellent cuisine and tailored tours.

The cruise is all about revitalisation to one’s calm, relaxed and smiling self that is reflected in the looks of the company of loved ones through leisure, pampering, fitness, health and exploration.

Costa Cruises are best for

From the Squok Club for children over 3, Teens Club, theatre show, Bravo Chef Show to a disco, there is something for everyone in the family. Honeymooners are guests of honour at Costa as they will receive unique services and special attention, such as: cabins with the best view and gifted with champagne, flowers, and heart-shaped cake for breakfast, plus privileged treatments and special pampering at the spa.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

There is a warm and welcoming feeling when entering a Costa ship through the interior design of the ship to the smiles from the crew and from loved ones when they are in their best state of wellness. The cruise is embellished with Italian culture which brings a romantic feel to the ship.


Accommodation, meals in select restaurants, tea and coffee.


Families, honeymooners and couples.

At a glance

Ship size: Large  
Class: Contemporary


Holds the title having “the largest floating spa” covering 19,685 square feet. Tours tailor made for you, and entertainment for both adults and children.

Food & Dining with Costa Cruises

All the restaurants offer dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients and with an attention to detail that characterises Made in Italy. Nevertheless, there is an embrace of cultural diversity with over 400 dishes representing 16 different regions with Japanese, Mediterranean and more restaurants on board – Plus a bar available at all hours of the day.

Costa Cruises Ships

Costa Smeralda
Built: 2019
Passengers: 6,554
Crew: 1,678
Costa Firenze
Launched: 2020
Passengers: 5,246
Crew: 1,278
Costa Venezia
Built: 2019
Passengers: 5,260
Crew: 1,278
Costa Diadema
Built: 2014
Passengers: 4,928
Crew: 1,253
Costa Fascinosa
Built: 2012
Passengers: 3,780
Crew: 1,110
Costa Favolosa
Built: 2011
Passengers: 3,780
Crew: 1,110
Costa Deliziosa
Built: 2010
Passengers: 2,826
Crew: 908
Costa Pacifica
Built: 2009
Passengers: 3,780
Crew: 1,056
Costa Luminosa
Built: 2009
Passengers: 2,826
Crew: 934
Costa Serena
Built: 2007
Passengers: 3,780
Crew: 1,056
Costa Magica
Built: 2004
Passengers: 3,470
Crew: 993
Costa Fortuna
Built: 2003
Passengers: 3,470
Crew: 999
Costa Mediterranea
Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2013
Passengers: 2,680
Crew: 878
Costa Atlantica
Built: 2000
Passengers: 2,680
Crew: 864
Costa Victoria
Built: 1996
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 2,394
Crew: 766
Costa neoRomantica
Built: 1993
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 1,800
Crew: 617
Costa neoClassica
Built: 1991
Refurbished: 2005
Passengers: 1,680
Crew: 574
Costa neoRiveria
Built: 1999
Refurbished 2013
Passengers: 1,727
Crew: 500

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