The CroisiEurope Experience

CroisiEurope is the leading river cruise line in Europe with 56 vessels crisscrossing major waterways worldwide. Family-operated since 1976, CroisiEurope has built and operated its own vessels, offering the best value for money to its guests by providing premium cruising experience at reasonable price. Each ship is built according to the river it sails - envision the ship docking in the heart of each beautiful, historic city and peaceful towns. The pace on each cruise is relaxing and tranquil. The shore excursion packages (optional on most cruises) provide a memorable immersion into local destination and culture.

CroisiEurope offers worldwide itineraries in Asia, Africa, all across Europe, Russia and Egypt. It also offers exclusive itineraries such as the Loire River (France) and Guadalquivir river (Spain). Themed cruises are available including hiking, cycling, gourmet, Christmas and more. CroisiEurope also offers unique coastal cruising experience with its only maritime vessel The MV La Belle de l'Adriatique.

CroisiEurope are best for

Seasoned travellers who wish to delve into rich historical and cultural values, and for those seeking a quality, premium river cruising experience. Best for a traveller looking for a high quality cruise at an affordable price.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard 

CroisiEurope provides from deluxe ships to premium ships with comfortable and stylish cabins, innovative ships, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Its tastefully decorated cabins, all river-view, are equipped with A/C, central heating, shower/toilets, satellite TV, safe, air dryers. Every cruise itinerary combine charms and comfort, while offering slow-paced, relaxing small group excursions to fully discover the destination. The official languages onboard our ships are French and English. Staff also speak other major European languages, such as German, Italian and Spanish. Onboard activities and entertainments are provided, games and quizzes, exercise sessions in the morning.


Diverse, mix of guests from all over the world, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, America and Australia. Well-travelled 50+ couples, singles, and group of friends.

At a glance

Ship size: Small 
Class: 4-anchor and 5-anchor river cruise


CroisiEurope takes you away for so much less but still includes it all! Being the leader in river cruising, it offers unrivalled hospitality with a truly all-inclusive experience. Each cruise itinerary highlights the best of each destination and offers authentic shore excursions for guests to fully immerse in the local culture.

Food & Dining onboard CroisiEurope

Levitate your tastebuds with a delightful culinary experience onboard. Breakfasts are buffet-style, while lunch and dinner are set-menu, three-course excursions into French gastronomy and local specialties using the finest seasonal and local produce. All beverages and a large selection of wines are included*, except those from the special list.

*excluding river cruises in Asia and Africa, and Christmas Market cruises  

CroisiEurope Fleet 

MS Seine Princess
Built/Renovation: 2002/2010
Passengers: 138  
Crew: 20
MS Cyrano De Bergerac
Built: 2013
Passengers: 174
Crew: 25
MS Deborah
Built: 2016
Passengers: 22
Crew: 5
MS Renior
Built/Renovation: 1999/2018
Passengers: 105
Crew: 30
MS Van Gogh
Built/Renovation: 1999/2007/2018
Passengers: 105
Crew: 27
MS. Loire Princess
Built: 2015
Passengers: 96
Crew: 24

MS La Belle De Cadix

Built/Renovation: 2005/2010

Crew: 30

MS Miguel Torga

Built: 2017

Passengers: 132
Crew: 32

MS Douche France

Built/Renovation: 1997/2017

Passengers: 107
Crew: 25

MS Gerard Schmitter

Built: 2012

Passengers: 174

Crew: 37

MS Vivaldi

Built: 2009

Passengers: 176

Crew: 30

MS Symphonie

Built/Renovation: 1997/2017

Passengers: 106

Crew: 25

MS Elbe Princesse 2

Built: 2018

Passengers: 79

Crew: 24

MS Elbe Princess

Built: 2016

Passengers: 79

Crew: 15

RV Indochine II

Built: 2017

Passengers: 62

Crew: 29

La Belle De L’Adriatique

Built/Renovation: 2007/2017

Passengers: 197

Crew: 48

RV African Dream

Built: 2018

Passengers: 16

Crew: 16

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