The Travelmarvel Experience

Travelmarvel's world-class fleet of ships offers you the opportunity to cruise some of the world's best rivers and oceans in comfort and style. Enjoy spacious accommodation, exceptional service and onboard facilities.

Known for great-value premium cruising, Travelmarvel provides you with a broad range of immersive live like a local 'Insider Experiences', and ample free time to explore at your own pace.

Travelmarvel Cruises are best for

Mature value conscious travellers who look to explore Europe and other more remote regions by river and coastal ocean cruising.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

In Europe, embark on a comfortable fleet of brand new contemporary vessels, or stay onboard premium vessels in further destinations globally. Most passengers dress casually onboard during the day. Smarter casual outfits are the norm for the evenings and a dressier outfit is appropriate for the welcome dinner.


All meals and drinks onboard the ship, most sightseeing, onboard entertainment, transfers and gratuities are included in the cruise fare. Many itineraries also include daily bottled water, tea and coffee, as well as soft drinks, beer and local wine during lunch and dinner.


The majority of cruisers are from Australia and New Zealand and are generally aged 55-plus.

At a glance

Ship size: Small
Class: Premium river and ocean


'Insider Experiences' give passengers the chance to experience a destination like a local, including the options of being welcomed into the home of a Miltenberg family for coffee and cake or an intimate lunch with a local family in Vietnam.

Food & Dining with Travelmarvel

On their newest ships in Europe, dinner in the Constellations Restaurant is a four-course affair where regional specialties are always featured. For a lighter option, you can head to the True North Lounge, or kick back and relax in McGeary's Bar, an Irish pub serving traditional pub fare. No matter your choice, lunch and dinner are always accompanied by local wine and beer, as well as soft drinks or barista coffee in the morning.

Travelmarvel Ships

Travelmarvel Polaris
Built: 2019
Passengers: 182
Crew: 44
Travelmarvel Capella
Built: 2020
Passengers: 182
Crew: 44
Travelmarvel Vega
Built: 2020
Passengers: 182
Crew: 44
MS Douro Serenity
Built: 2017
Passengers: 126
Crew: 36
MS Rossia
Built: 1978
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 224
Crew: 110
MS Royal Lily
Built: 2007
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 120
Crew: 75
RV Raj Mahal
Built: 2014
Passengers: 40
Crew: 30
RV Apsara
Built: 2011
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 90
Crew: 50
Delfin III
Built: 2015
Refurbished: 2017
Passengers: 42
Crew: 29
RV Princess Panhwar
Built: 2016
Passengers: 72
Crew: 38
Coral Adventurer
Built: 2019
Passengers: 120
Crew: 48
MV Ocean Atlantic
Built: 1985
Refurbished: 2016
Passengers: 200
Crew: 140
M/V Santa Cruz II
Built: 2002
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 90
Crew: 60
M/V Santa Cruz II
Built: 2002
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 90
Crew: 60
Queen Eleganza
Built: 2018
Passengers: 34
Crew: 8

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