Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

The Uniworld Cruises Experience

Known as one of the world’s most luxurious river cruise lines – Uniworld offers unique itineraries throughout Europe, Russia, China, India, and Egypt and now the Peruvian Amazon. Every ship is a masterpiece. The moment you step onboard any of the 19 one-of-a-kind floating boutique hotels, you’ll see and feel the care that went into the thoughtful, beautiful design.

With impeccable service that truly comes from the heart, exclusive excursions, delicious cuisine, local wines and a choice of inspiring destinations throughout the world – every element is as unique and special as each guest. 

Uniworld Cruises are best for

Guests who wish to travel in sophisticated style, on an award-winning, all-inclusive luxury boutique river cruise. Guests will enjoy bespoke experiences, including tailor-made itineraries, luxurious amenities, delicious Five-Star, Farm-to-table cuisine and a choice of over 80 experiences completely exclusive to Uniworld to explore in each and every port.

Atmosphere & Experience onboard

On board guests will be swept up by the Tiny Noticeable Touches (TNT), “No request too large, no detail too small”. With one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios in the river cruise industry, staff are trained to go above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience.

Each ship is complete with handcrafted furniture exclusively commissioned, custom-made fabrics and fixtures created by some of the most esteemed design houses in the world and original artwork from the likes of Picasso, Matisse and Degas.


Guest are typically fit and active, between 50-75 years old, upscale empty-nesters and experienced travellers, who are highly educated and financially savvy. Perfect for the culturally curious, with a passion for music, art, fine food and wine. The Solo traveller is also well catered for.

At a glance

Ship size: Small  
Class: Luxury  
Style: Classic, Couples, Solo guests 


Award-winning vessels with unique style. Innovative and authentic hosted excursions.

Food & Dining with Uniworld Cruises 

When dining onboard, you’ll be treated to world-class cuisine made from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from the destinations you visit.

Uniworld Cruises Fleet

River Duchess
Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2012
Passengers: 130 
Crew: 42
River Empress
Built: 2001
Refurbished: 2014
Passengers: 130 
Guests: 42
River Princess
Built: 2001
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 128 
Crew: 42
River Queen
Built: 1999
Refurbished: 2010
Passengers: 128 
Crew: 42
S.S. Antoinette
Built: 2011
Passengers: 152 
Crew: 59
S.S. Beatrice
Built: 2009
Refurbished: 2018
Passengers: 152 
Crew: 55
S.S. Bon Voyage
Built: 2006
Refurbished: 2019
Passengers: 124 
Crew: 50
S.S. Catherine
Built: 2014
Passengers: 159 
Crew: 57
S.S. Joie De Vivre
Built: 2017
Passengers: 128 
Crew: 54
S.S. La Venezia
Built: 2003
Refurbished: 2020
Passengers: 126 
Crew: 42
S.S. Maria Theresa
Built: 2015
Passengers: 150 
Crew: 58
S.S. São Gabriel
Built: 2020
Passengers: 100
Crew: 37
River Tosca
Built: 2009
Passengers: 82 
Crew: 60
S.S. Sphinx
Built: 2020
Mekong Jewel
Built: 2020
Passengers: 68 
Crew: 51
Ganges Voyager II
Built: 2016
Passengers: 56 
Crew: 36
River Victoria
Refurbished: 2011
Passengers: 196 
Crew: 110
Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer
Built: 2008
Refurbished: 2017
Passengers: 124
Staff: 124
Aria Amazon
Built: 2010
Passengers: 32 
Crew: 27 

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